Ingests complex data, analyzes it and display it in simplified visualization to help take critical decisions which aid in business transformation.

The world of industrialization headed towards automation. Businesses are required to take critical decisions fast, to ensure fasters business transformation. SEMS enables you to consolidate all your assets in one place, perform analysis and manage them remotely.


Industrial IoT

Hardware agnostic solutions helps you monitor, automate and manage all your assets remotely.

SEMS IoT connects computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, that are embedded with sensors and software. It helps companies solve business problems more efficiently by taking better control of their infrastructure.



SEMS Analytics lets you analyze your data, visualize complex data into simpler visualizations, and discover hidden insights in minutes. It comes with robost APIs that enables you to customize and embed it in your technology stack.


Cutting Edge Solutions

Ready to deploy over cloud or On-Prem

Data Analytics

Perform quicker analysis of the data that is ingested from multiple sources.


Let the machine communicate with you with our detailed single window dashboards.

Future Proof

Robust APIs available to further customise the application.


Alarms and alerts at your cellphone over SMS or WhatsApp.

Data Storage

Highly available systems which allows you to store the data over longer period of time.


SSL enabled and can be deployed on your premise behind a firewall.

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